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    1. Black Cherry Kush ($8/gram) by Valley Co-Op50/50. Resinous with a nice smooth taste. Good for a daytime muscle-relaxant, may help with nausea and appetite.
    2. Black Domina($8/gram) By Doobie Brothers Organic Mostly Indica. Great spicy flavor. May provide relief from nausea and muscle tension. Afghani x Ortega x Northern Lights x HashPlant
    3. Blue Dream ($8/gram)By Valley Co-Op 60/40 Sativa. Blueberry x Haze. Very fruity with a great spicy flavour and smell. Clean and tasty with a nice white ash. Makes for good daytime stress and anxiety relief. Allows for focus and creativity.
    4. Bubba Kush($8/gram) by Island Organic Gardens Indica Organic. This is a fantastic crop of Bubba! Abundant resin, dense buds - clean, smooth and tasty. Mellow and relaxing. Appropriate for insomnia and relieving muscle tension and spasms.
    5. Bubba Kush ($8/gram)By Valley Co-Op Indica. Nicely mature dense buds with clean ash and thick smoke. A good choice for insomnia and night time pain relief.
    6. Cecil P. Cush ($8/gram) By V.I.P. Mostly Indica. Strong, uplifting and euphoric. Smooth smoke with a hashy aftertaste. Good for daytime. May alleviate anxiety and pain.
    7. Chemo ($8/gram) By Doobie Brothers Organic Mostly Indica. A beautiful, resinous crop! Effective for pain and nausea control. May provide relief from insomnia.
    8. C Plus($8/gram)By VIP50/50. A spicy and flavourful orange-haired bud. Provides a clear and energizing high, good for depression. Effective nausea relief and appetite stimulant. A cross of Cali-Orange and DJ Short Blueberry.
    9. DayBreak ($8/gram) by Valley Co-op 50/50. Nice and clean, stinky, dense, resinous, flavourful, uplifting, euphoric and functional. Great daytime medicine. Also known as Ki.
    10. Ice Cream($8/gram) By VIP Mostly Sativa. A nice and engergizing treat. Beautiful orange hair. May help with depression and appetite stimulation.
    11. Island Purple Kush ($8.00/gram) By Island Organic Gardens Indica. Organic. Mellow and relaxing. Strong, thick clean and tasty smoke. Dense, sticky buds. Clean ash.
    12. Lemon Haze ($8/gram)By VIP Mostly Sativa. A deep lemony citrus flavour combined with the spiciness of Super Silver Haze provides for a tasty and uplifting high. A great daytime strain for focus and creativity and may be effective in treating anxiety in social situations.
    13. Nebula ($7.50/gram) Mostly Sativa. Spicy taste and dense, resinous mature buds. May alleviate stress and provide for focus and creativity.
    14. OG Kush ($8/gram)By Valley Co-Op Mostly Sativa. Dense, resinous and very tasty. Cerebrally uplifting and effective on pain and muscle tension.
    15. Pink Kush ($8/gram)By IOG Mostly Indica. Organic Soothing and very medicinal. These beautiful buds burn very clean and tangy. Good for daytime pain and anxiety.
    16. Purple Kush ($8/gram) by V.I.P. Indica. Relaxes the mind and body. A clean burning, smooth, and very tasty smoke with a hint of grape. Very dense and resinous.
    17. Rock Star ($8/gram) By V.I.PMostly Indica. Strong tasting, thick smoke with a pleasant smell. Good daytime pain relief and appetite stimulation. A cross between Purple Kush and Hemp Star.
    18. Tuna Kush ($8/g) by Valley Co-Op Mostly Indica. Pungent odour and smooth, thick taste. Fast acting and mentally relaxing. Clean burning. May help with a restless sleep.
    19. Sour Diesel ($8/gram) by Valley Co-op. Mostly Sativa. Cerebral and euphoric. Great for stimulating the appetite and relieving nausea.
    20. Super Kush ($8/gram)By VIP Indica. A fantastic crop! Great aroma and flavour and loaded with beautiful resin. Good for pain and relaxation. Hindu Kush x Northern Lights #5
    21. Strawberry Cheesecake ($8/gram)By VIP70/30 Indica. An incredible berry aroma and taste. Clean flavour and ash with a smooth smoke and fruity aftertaste. May relieve pain and anxiety.
    22. Sweet Tooth($8/gram)By VIPMostly Indica. Fruit aroma with a menthol taste and clean ash. Good general pain relief, mellow and calming.
    23. Watermelon ($8/gram) By Valley Co-Op 50/50. Fantastic smell and taste. Great pain relief. Smooth, clean smoke and ash.
    24. Blueberry x Grapefruit ($7.50/gram)By RB Organics 50/50. Organic. A very fragrant Blueberry crossed with tasty Grapefruit make this a delicious and smooth smoke. May be effective for depression and relaxation.
    25. PureHP ($7/gram) Indica. A pure and potent Hashplant. A great daily medication for mood elevation. Excellent for decreasing pain in muscles and joints, reducing nausea and increasing appetite. Beautifully grown aeroponically indoors.
    26. 604 Diesel ($6/gram) By HighRise 70/30 Sativa dominant. Uplifting, energizing and heady. Very smooth smoke with a sweet, earthy taste. Fast acting and clean burning. Good for daytime use.
    27. Super Mary O'($5/gram)Mostly SativaOrganicFrosty buds, fruity taste. A great price for an Organic Sativa! May inspire focus and creativity, great for a stimulating and energizing high.
    28. C-Warp ($4/gram) by Island Organic Gardens Mostly Indica. Organic. Outdoor. Mentally relaxing. A very earthy, mature and mellow smoke. C-Weed x Timewarp.


    1. Afghani ($90/14g; $180/28g) by House of the Great Gardner Indica. Beautiful resinous buds, clean and smooth. May provide relief from aches and pains and allow for a restful sleep.
    2. PureHP ($160/28gram) Indica. A great deal on this pure and potent Hashplant. Excellent for decreasing pain in muscles and joints, reducing nausea and increasing appetite. Beautifully grown aeroponically indoors.
    3. Kemo Kush ($25/3.5gram)by VIPIndica. Pre-pak. Strong taste and potency, good for alleviating nausea and lack of appetite. May reduce pain and allow for a restful sleep. Kush x Chemo.
    4. Tribal Afghani($25/3.5gram)By VIPIndica. The story is these seeds were brought back to Canada by a soldier stationed in Kandahar. Not sure, but this is a really nicely grown crop. Clean and effective. Good for appetite stimulation and nausea control. May be effective for muscle spasms and digestive diseases.
    5. K-Train ($20/3gram) By Valley Co-op Mostly Indica. Resinous and highly fragrant dense buds. Ideal for stress relief and pain management. Kush x Trainwreck.
    6. Pre-Rolled Joints ($5/each) Choice of Indica, Sativa or Cross.


      Water and sieve extracted. Very pure and potent medicinal product. Best used in small quantities at a time.

      1. Panda Hash($22/gram) Mostly Sativa. A partial melt mix of Sweet Sativas. Smooth and flavourul. May allow for focus and creativity.
      2. Island Purple OG Hash ($20/gram) By Island Organic Gardens 50/50.Organic. Very potent, smooth smoke, partial melt. Good for pain management. Appetite enhancing, good for nausea.
      3. Island Jack Hash ($18/gram) by Island Organic Gardens Sativa. Organic. Fast acting, energizing and focused. The smoke is smooth, light and spicy with a pungent aftertaste. A gravel looking ice extracted hash. May alleviate daytime pain, nausea, ADD, and ADHD.
      4. 'ebanese Hash($12/gram) A dense press hash reminiscent of old school Lebanese hash. Good for stress relief and insomnia.


      1. Afghani Kif($12/gram)By House of The Great GardenerIndica. A beautiful blond kif, good aroma and great flavour. Good for nausea control and mood elevation.
      2. CannaTonic Kif ($18/gram)Mostly Indica. Beautiful blond kif powder. Smooth and clean taste. Uplifting and euphoric high. May be effective for pain and anxiety.
      3. Barbara Bud Kif($12/gram)By House of the Great Gardener. Mostly Indica.Organic Blond and powdery. A beautiful bouquet. Afghani crossed with Shishkaberry make a fruity and spicy nerve calming strain. Good for mood elevation and appetite stimulation.
      4. Haoma Kif($12/gram)By House of The Great GardenerMostly Indica. A beautiful blond kif, tasty and clean. Good for pain distraction and mood elevation. Afghani x Purps.
      5. Sweet Skunk Kif($12/gram)By House of the Great Gardener Sativa. Organic A beautiful aromatic powdered kif. May stimulate appetite and mood and reduce nausea.

          * All above varieties are subject to environmental contaminants, especially outdoor strains.

          BUDDER and OILS

          BUDDER: Very potent extract with a soft texture. Sticky when warm, brittle when frozen. Best vaporized in very small quantities, by dabbing a small amount on a Budder Torch/hot knife, or placing a small amount onto a bed of ash in your pipe or bong bowl.

          1. Budderking Budder ($25.00/.25g;$45/.5g; 1g/$80 Prepacks only) Very potent extract made through isopropyl extraction. Extremely potent. Budderking is known for purity and potency of his products.
          2. Island Purple Kush Oil ($95/2.5gram)by IOG Indica. Smooth, heavy, relaxing, full body feel. Great for pain relief and excellent sleep aid.
          3. Purple Kush Red Dot Oil ($40/g;$95/2.5g;$1700/50g) Indica. A thick deep red oil that goes nicely on a rolling paper or in an oil rig. May alleviate pain and insomnia.
          4. Hash Oil ($100/5g;$195/10g;$450/25g)Indica. A rich dark amber oil. Mentally uplifting and muscle relaxing. Spicy and smooth, vaporizes very nicely. May alleviate pain by distraction.



          Elixirs will feel different from edibles and from smoking due to unique way the cannabis is delivered.

          1. Snake Oil (10ml/$60) Quadruple strength Hugz Hemp Oil. Good for absolutely EVERYTHING! Contains 80 mg/ml Honey Oil.
          2. Hugz Hemp Oil (30ml/$45) Clear hemp oil infused with high quality honey oil. Place a small amount under your tongue and hold it there until gone for maximum affect. Can be used topically to treat pain and various skin conditions and as a massage oil. Can be put into food or as a tincture. Contains 20 mg/ml Honey Oil
          3. Snake Bites ($10/each) Two full droppers of Snake Oil. Can be used all at once or portioned out.


          1. Liberty Meds Canna Cacao Tincture ($32 /each) This tincture is made with cacao, which has the ability to boost and potentiate the effects of cannabis, and 95% grain alcohol. May promote and prolong the feeling of well-being that anandamide can induce. Start with very small doses, this is a new batch made with a higher concentration of cannabis. Just 1-2 quick sprays under the tongue or inside cheek. Alcohol based. Numbing effect very similar to orajel.


          1. CBD Rich Powder ($4/10grams; $11/30g; $35/100g)Specially formulated to have a high Cannabidiol level (79mg per gram) that has been shown to relieve spasms, inflammation, anxiety, and nausea. May be effective for treating signs and symptoms associated with some cancer growths. This product is fully decarboxylated and ready to use. Can easily be mixed into your morning smoothie or blended into your favourite recipe. Start with one teaspoon and adjust your dose as needed. Recommended to use in conjunction with Snake Oil to produce a full-spectrum profile and mitigate the potential psycho-active effects of large doses of Snake Oil used in treating medical conditions. Not for smoking
          2. 45 3 2 Kush CannaCaps ($110/50) Decarboxylated bud put into a capsule form. May be effective for alleviating depression and decreasing pain levels.
          3. CBD Rich Caps($14/10; $67/50)Decarboxylated and milled into a flour consistency and put into a capsule. 25mg CBD per capsule. Specially formulated to have a high Cannabidiol level that has been shown to relieve spasms, inflammation, anxiety, and nausea. May be effective for treating signs and symptoms associated with some cancer growths.
          4. Budder Capsules ($20/5;$75/20) Improved Product. Check your dose. Budder that has been decarboxylated and dissolved in organic grape seed oil, in a vegetable gelcap. Start with one gel cap and monitor the effects to get a comfortable dose. Produces a clear, focused high. Effects may take 30-45 minutes to come on, and last 3-6 hours. Best taken on an empty stomach.
            1. TOPICALS:

              1. arTHrighteous Cream (42g/$18) Topical Cannabis Lotion. Heavenly Hash Drops infused in lotion. Use for relief of arthritis, eczema, muscle aches and stiffness.
              2. Anointing Oil (30ml/$30) The biblical recipe. Can be used to anoint, or as a massage oil. Contains olive oil, cannabis, myrrh, cassia and sweet cinnamon leaf. Good for eczema and psoriasis. Helps heal typical flesh wounds and greatly enhances flow of spiritual energy.


              Food Products should be consumed with care. It is always best to start with a small dose to see how you are affected by the strength. Then dose according to your level of need. These baked goods may contain nuts or traces of nuts. Those with allergies could make their own treats with cannabis butter or 420 honey.

              Please note that our Quality Control Department has been busy ensuring the highest standards are being met with our products. If you notice some of your favorite items are missing from our stock please ask for assistance in finding a comparable replacement. We are working hard to keep our shelves stocked with high quality products.

              Please Note: Orders containing larger edibles may be subject to additional shipping.

              1. Indica Baker's Trim ($50/56g) Organic and resinous trim from outdoor Emerald Wonder. Use to make your favourite recipes even better. Ideal for vaporizers as well. Be inspired. Limit One per order. Additional shipping charges apply for orders of more than one. Members may order a maximum of 3.
              2. Herbal Tea ($20/30g) A mixture of resinous stems and potent bag bottoms for steeping in your own medicinal teas and tinctures. The effects are uplifting, euphoric, and long lasting, with relaxing after effects. Good for pain and body tension. The directions are on the bag.
              3. Rudy's 420 Honey ($18/45ml) Resealable glass jar. 1 tsp small dose. 1 tbsp medium dose. Three or seven tablespoons per jar. Use as desired.
              4. CannaCookie ($5/each)By Magic Munchables An old fashioned chocolate chip cookie, with the magic of cannabis in it. Try to pace yourself with these delicious cookies!
              5. Ginger Snaps ($3/each)By WaterMelon Back by popular demand! A delicious mildly medicated cookie that can help to calm digestion and quell nausea. Provides a nice uplift from depression.
              6. Dutch Cookies ($4 each) Yum! Choose from chocolate chip, double chocolate or oatmeal.
              7. Rudy's 420 Honey Candy ($3.25/ea) A soft, chewy candy made with a medium dose of Rudy's 420 Honey.
              8. CBD Caramel ($3.25/each; $15.00/5) By Sweet Grass Baker A delicious caramel made with high CBD strain Cannatonic infused butter. May be helpful for spasms and anxiety. Best stored in the refrigerator.

              HEMP NUTRITION

              FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY!! Feed their brains with Hemp Nutrition. Please email to get shipping right to your door at wholesale prices(ask for payment details and prices when emailing).

              1. Hemp Bar (28 per box) More Than A Square Meal Bar consists of 2 servings of Hemp Hearts mixed with bitter sweet chocolate and topped with a single whole dried fruit or nut. Two meals packed into one huge energy bar. Assorted flavours. Find out more at **BREAKS INTO SMALLER PIECES FOR A PERFECT RECESS SNACK**
              2. Hemp Hearts (1lb/9 per case) Natures power food. Start your day the Hemp Heart way and you will notice a difference in energy and health. 4-5 tablespoons per day is the suggested serving. Find out more at
              3. Compressed Hemp Hearts(Flakes) Excellent with soups; Intersting with the steiva leaves and cinnamon provided for very filling and afternoon snacks. This product is excellent for satisfying hunger, but provides only 2/3 as much energy as Hemp Hearts. This product does not have the same wonderful taste and texture of hemp Hearts, but has a much better taste and texture than the hemp protein.
              4. Hemp Oil (500ml/9 per case) Amazing Clear Hemp Oil that does not need refrigeration and you can cook with it! Find out more at

              PET DIVISION

              This section is available for pets only. These products are available to pets who are registered as Members with The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary . For your pet to become a Member with us, they will need a Veterinarian's recommendation .

              1. Petz Oil x 4 (7ml/$42) Quadruple strength Petz Oil. Good for absolutely EVERYTHING for your pet! Contains 80 mg/ml Honey Oil. This product is packaged in a plastic dropper bottle to help safely administer the medicine to your pet.
              2. Petz Oil (7ml/$11.50) Clear hemp oil infused with high quality honey oil. Place a small amount under your pet's tongue and hold it there until gone for maximum affect. Can be used topically to treat pain and various skin conditions and as a massage oil. Can be put into food or your pet's favorite treat. Contains 20 mg/ml Honey Oil. This product is packaged in a plastic dropper bottle to help safely administer the medicine to your pet.

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