Pet Division

Your pet thanks you for your interest in their health and well-being and encourages you to discuss the cannabis treatment options with your Veterinarian soon so that they may start to enjoy the healthy benefits of a natural product.

Pet Division was already open when The Province newspaper called in August 2013. They asked us to do an interview about cannabis and dogs. A local Veterinarian had spoken out to say how beneficial this plant medicine could be to pets who are routinely poisoned by the toxic pharmaceuticals given to them. We were already serving a pet in palliative care because a local Veterinarian felt there "was nothing left to lose at this point" and "it helps people so it might help this pet too".

Canadian Dogs Online has recently contacted us and will be running a social media campaign on Facebook and other sites. The Dispensary is excited to be featured in the upcoming 2017 issue of Canadian Dogs Annual- the most prestigious dog magazine in Canada. If your pet is a member with us, please keep us updated on their progress and they might just get a feature in one of these campaigns.


This section is for pets only. The products are available for members and non-members. We always recommend for your pet to become a member with us as this can allow your Veterinarian to better understand the treatment you are providing to your pet.

CBD Rich Oil ($42/1mL $120/3mL) A whole plant, Isopropyl alcohol extraction. Specially formulated to have a high Cannabidiol level. This product has been shown to relieve spasms, seizures, inflammation, anxiety, and nausea. May be effective for treating signs and symptoms associated with some cancer growths. A good starting dose would be 0.5mg per pound per day. There is approximately 300mg CBD in a 1mL tube. There are 30mg per line on the dispensing tube. CBD is approximately 30% of total material.

Delta K-9 Dog Treats ($2.50/10mg $13.50/10mg 6pk) This Biscuit is something new. Each biscuit contains 10mg of THC. Suggested that one biscuit is about 3-4 doses for an “average” sized pet. For pets considered to be a “small-medium” size, it is suggested to start small. Much like people, the amount of doses in each treat varies and is relative, depending on the dog and ailment. Ingredients include Infused Coconut oil, peanut butter, a touch of honey, and flour.

Petz Oil x 4 ($42/7mL) Quadruple strength Petz Oil. Good for absolutely EVERYTHING for your pet! Contains 80 mg/mL Honey Oil. This product is packaged in a plastic dropper bottle to help safely administer the medicine to your pet.

Petz Oil ($11.50/7mL) Clear hemp oil infused with high quality honey oil. Place a small amount under your pet's tongue and hold it there until gone for maximum affect. Can be used topically to treat pain and various skin conditions and as a massage oil. Can be put into food or your pet's favourite treat. Contains 20 mg/mL Honey Oil. This product is packaged in a plastic dropper bottle to help safely administer the medicine to your pet.

Pet Memberships

Membership is available, but not required. It works almost the same for pets as for people. The menu for pets is a restricted menu and no smoking type products will be available. What you will find is a selection of Petz Oil, CBD Oil, K-9 Biscuits and MJ Creams. New products will be added as they become available. Products can be purchased through mail order for an additional shipping charge or from the stores at 880 East Hastings or 1182 Thurlow Street. Pets members are not allowed inside the store UNLESS they are service dogs but please don't leave them in your car.